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At the Brooke-Alvinston & Watford Fall Fair, you will have countless opportunities to either participate in or simply enjoy watching a number of competitions that will allow people from across our region to showcase their stuff. Whether you are eager to celebrate the beauty of your blooms or the outline of your cow, the Brooke-Alvinston & Watford Fall Fair is a place where your neighbours can cheer for everything you are most proud of.

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Pet Show

Pet Show

Saturday of the Fair – 10:00am
**Registration from 9:00am to 10:00am**

Location: The Pavilion
Committee: Watford Rotary
Sponsored by: Watford Rotary

Classes are open to boys and girls 14 and under. A child can enter their pet in two different sections in each category (i.e. a child could enter their dog in the saddest looking dog and the best trick performed by a dog as well as their cat in 2 different sections. The same animal can be shown in different sections by other children of the family.

All animals will be judged on appearance and health. All pets must be caged or on a leash and a have a valid rabies vaccination certificate. For animals caged all the time, a certificate is not necessary.

PRIZES: $5, $4, $3 – In addition, all participants will receive $5.00 at time of registration.

1. Largest Dog
2. Smallest Dog
3. Saddest Looking Dog
4. Dog with the Longest Hair
5. Best Trick Performed by a Dog
6. Dog With Longest Ears
7. Dog with Longest Tail
8. Best Dressed Dog
9. Dog that Most Resembles its Exhibitor

10. Largest Cat
11. Best Cat and Kittens
12. Longest Haired Cat
13. Longest Whiskered Cat
14. Most Attractive Cat
15. Best Dressed Cat
16. Cat with Longest Tail
17. Cat with Shortest Tail
18. Cat that Most Resembles its Exhibitor

19. Largest Rabbit
20. Smallest Rabbit
21. Most Colourful Rabbit
22. Rabbit with the Longest Ears

Guinea Pigs
23. Largest Guinea Pig
24. Most Colourful Guinea Pig
25. Smallest Guinea Pig

26. Largest Hamster
27. Smallest Hamster
28. Most Colourful Hamster

Pie Auction

Pie Auction

L.H.S.C. Children’s Hospital
Pie Auction
Friday of the Fair – 7:30 pm

Committee: Wayne Deans (519-844-2198), Jamie Armstrong, Allison McFadden, Hannah Symington, Jen Redick, Angie Brodie, Jennifer Baxter

1. All cheques are to be made payable to L.H.S.C.
2. First and second place pies to be auctioned first.
3. Entries must be received by noon, Friday of the Fair.
4. Entrants must fill out an entry form including full mailing address.

Prizes: 1st – $30, 2nd – $20, 3rd – $10

1. Apple Pie
2. Cherry Pie
3. Pumpkin Pie
4. Blueberry Pie
5. Pecan Pie
6. Raspberry Pie
7. Lemon Meringue Pie
8. Tarts- 1 Dozen, any variety
9. Any Other Variety Pie



Saturday of the Fair – 11:00 am at Munro Honey

Theme: “Ye Olde Country Fair”
Committee: Heather Munro (519-857-5831), Madison Podolinsky

Rules specific to the Parade:
1. Parade will be marshalled from the Munro Honey parking lot at 11:00 am sharp.
2. Dignitaries are invited to join the parade there.
3. Floats and all other entries to be judged must be registered and assembled along the south end of River Street for judging.
4. All entries must be registered prior to 10:00 am to be eligible for judging.
5. All registered entries will receive a colour card and number which must be displayed.
6. All drivers of motor vehicles must hold a valid G2 driver’s permit.  (THIS WILL BE ENFORCED)

FLOATS: Prizes $50, $45, $40
1. Neighbourhood Float
2. School Float
3. Local or Regional Organization
4. Family Float
5. Commercial Float

VINTAGE VEHICLES: Prizes $20, $15, $10
*Owner’s name, model and year must be visibly clear.*
6. Vintage Vehicle
7. Vintage Tractor
8. Vintage Fire Truck
9. Oldest Antique Tractor $25, $15, $10

MOUNT & RIDER: Prizes $20, $15, $10
10. Mount & Rider
11. Horse & Cart

CLOWN: Prizes $12, $10, $8
12. Clown, Adult
13. Clown, Child

Vintage Tractor Pull

Vintage Tractor Pull

Friday Night of Fair – 7:00 pm Start

Everyone pays at the gate upon entry to the grounds.
Committee: Huey Levasseur 519-849-5159

Sanctioned by the “Ontario Vintage Tractor Pullers Association”

1. Tractors must meet weight requirements.
2. Draw bars will be a maximum of 20” with wheelie bars and maximum of 18” without wheelie bars.
3. Tractors must be registered before the pull. Registration will start at 5:30pm.
4. All operators must have a valid driver’s license.
5. Brooke Alvinston Agricultural Society and the Tractor Pull Committee are not responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, losses or damages.
6. The decision of the officials will be final.
7. Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Local Pullers Welcome!!
Visit for more detailed rules and classes!

***Brooke Alvinston Agricultural Society is not responsible for any personal or property injuries, accidents or damages.**

Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Sunday of the Fair – 1:00 pm

Everyone pays at the gate upon entry to the grounds.
Committee: Jim Mihalik (519-847-5733)

Rules specific to the Demo Derby:
1. Gates for the pit area will open at 9:00 am
2. Cars must be registered and approved prior to 12 noon.
3. Driver’s meeting will be at 12:30 sharp
4. Must have a valid driver’s license. Minimum of G2
5. No alcohol allowed except in designated area (Beer Tent)
6. First Heat will start at 1 pm SHARP!
7. All registration fees are to be paid in CASH
8. B.A.A.S and the Demo Derby Committee are not responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, losses or damages.

Rules & Regulations for all classes are provided online on the “Alvinston Fair Demolition Derby”

Classes will be available on the “Alvinston Fair Demolition Derby” Facebook Page
*Guaranteed Power Wheel Class*

***Brooke Alvinston Agricultural Society and Demo Committee are not responsible for any personal or property injuries, accidents or damages.***

Class 1 – Heavy Horses

Class 1 – Heavy Horses

Committee: Wayne Deans (844-2198), Ron Munro, Betty McKellar, Courtney McKellar

Everyone pays at the gate upon entry to the grounds.

NOTE: When entering either heavy or light, no cross entry in classes 11-17. All exhibitors entered at the Brooke-Alvinston & Watford Fall Fair
must have insurance coverage to exhibit at fairs and are required to enter, on the entry form, the liability insurance company’s name, policy
number and date of expiry.

**Entry forms must be signed by the exhibitor **

There will be a $5.00 membership fee paid and 15% of all earnings will be deducted in lieu of entry fees for the following year.
All line classes first at 11:30 am, followed by 4 horse hitch, unicorn, singles and teams.)

Clydesdale, Percheron, Belgian & Commercial
Prizes $45, $40, $35, $30
1. Brood mare with foal at foot
2. Foal, current year
3. Foal, one year
4. Filly or gelding, 2 years
5. Filly or gelding, 3 years
6. Light draft, 4 years or older
7. Heavy draft, 4 years or older
8. Progeny of Dam

Single in Harness: Prizes $40, $35, $30, $25
9. Single Clydesdale, Percheron, or Belgian

Teams: (All teams shown together. Light and heavy split. If more than 3 of one breed class, will be split and shown in own breed.)
11. Light Draft Teams $55, $50, $45, $40
12. Heavy Draft Teams $55, $50, $45, $40
13. Unicorn Hitch $60, $55, $50, $45
14. 4 Horse Hitch $60, $55, $50, $45
15. Lady Driver $40, $35, $30, $25
16. Junior Driver, Single Horse (18 years & under, accompanied by adult) $40, $35, $22, $20

Best Unicorn         $25, $15, $10
Best 4 Horse Hitch $25, $15, $10
Best Team (Cran Construction) $25, $15, $10
Best Progeny of Dam        $10
Best Heavy Horse on Grounds (1 entry per exhibitor)$30,$20, $15, $10
Best Heavy Colts of Current Year    $40, $30, $20

Class 2 – Light Horses

Class 2 – Light Horses

Donna Watson 519-384-8601 [email protected]
Janice McEachern, Debbie McLean, Anne Lehrbass, Kyle McEachern

Everyone pays Admission at the gate upon entry to the grounds.

NOTE: There will be an entry fee of $5.00 per entry in each eligible class.
There will be no holdback on prize money earned.

  • Protective headgear for exhibitors under the age of 18 is optional but is strongly recommended!
  • Papers may be checked on all registered horses.
  • No cross-entering will be allowed, competitors must show in proper classes.
  • There will be no refunds on scratched or missed classes.
  • No changing classes after you are registered!
  • All exhibitors at the Brooke Alvinston Watford Fall Fair must have sufficient insurance coverage to exhibit at fairs and are required to enter the name of the insurance company, policy number and date of expiry on their entry form.
  • Three (3) warning calls will be given on all classes, the gate will be closed, and the class considered to be complete.
  • If a tack change is required, please notify the ring steward or announcer prior to the class being called.

1. All halter classes are shown in the am, and all driving & riding classes to be shown in the pm. There will be an approximate 45min lunch break. Trail Classes will be shown in a separate ring with a separate judge, commencing at 1 pm
2. All entries must be registered prior to the show commencing. Preregistration is encouraged! Mail entry forms with fees to Donna Watson, 7229 Petrolia Line, Alvinston, Ontario, N0N 1A0, 519-384-8601 or [email protected]
3. The judge’s decision will be final! Exhibitors lodging a protest must present it in writing, accompanied by a $25.00 certified cheque or cash to the committee within 24 hours. It must state plainly the reason for such appeal or complaint and be clearly signed by the person lodging the complaint. Unsigned letters or complaints will not be considered.
4. Harassment of the judge or officials will not be tolerated and will result in removal from fairgrounds.

Alvinston Fair Light Horse Show
Saturday September 30, 2023 – 10:30 am
Judge: Carrie Stuart Kitchener ON
Trail Judge: Joanne Moyes London ON

Stake classes have a $10 entry fee. A percentage of entry fees will be added to the prize monies of $100, which will then be divided, and a percentage will be paid according to placings.
Stake classes may be entered at ring side.

Arabians – Registered
Prizes (sections 1-2) $25, $24, $23, $22, $21
1. Arabian Mares, all ages
2. Arabian Geldings, all ages
Prizes (sections 3-5) $35, $34, $33, $32, $31
3. Western Pleasure
4. English Pleasure
5. Native Costume
6. Western Pleasure Stake
7. English Pleasure Stake

Quarter Horses – Registered
Prizes (sections 8-9) $25, $24, $23, $22, $21
8. Quarter Horse Mares, all ages
9. Quarter Horse Geldings, all ages
Prizes (sections 10-13) $35, $34, $33, $32, $31
10. Western Pleasure
11. English Pleasure
12. Western Pleasure Stake
13. English Pleasure Stake

Appaloosa and Paints – Registered
Prizes (sections 14-15) $25, $24, $23, $22, $21
14. Appaloosa and Paint Mares, all ages
15. Appaloosa and Paint Geldings, all ages
Prizes (sections 16-17) $35, $34, $33, $32, $31
16. Western Pleasure
17. English Pleasure

All Other Saddle Horses– Registered
Prizes (sections 18-19) $25, $24, $23, $22, $21
18. All Other Saddle Horse Mares, all ages
19. All Other Saddle Horse Geldings, all ages
Prizes (sections 20-23) $35, $34, $33, $32, $31
20. Western Pleasure
21. English Pleasure
22. Appaloosa, Paints and all other Saddle Horse Western Pleasure Stake
23. Appaloosa, Paints, and all other Saddle Horse English Pleasure Stake
Prizes (sections 24-27) $35, $34, $33, $32, $31
24. Western Pleasure
25. English Pleasure
26. Appaloosa, Paints, and all other Saddle Horse Western Pleasure Stake
27. Appaloosa, Paints, and all other Saddle Horse English Pleasure Stake

Open Classes – All Breeds
Prizes (sections 28-31) $24, $22, $20, $18, $16
28. Open Driving Class (all breeds, all ages)
29. Junior Showmanship – (up to 12 years)
30. Intermediate Showmanship (13 to 18 years)
31. Senior Showmanship (19 years & over)
Prizes (sections 32-41) $35, $33, $31, $29, $27
32. Open Pleasure Walk/Trot (English or Western attire, rider eligible to ride in class 29 only) (13 years & under).
33. Open Horsemanship Walk/Trot (English Western attire, rider eligible to ride in class 28 only) (13 years & under)
34. Open Pleasure-3 gaited (13 years & under, Western/ English attire)
35. Open Horsemanship-3 gaited (13 years & under, Western/ English attire)
36. Open Pleasure (14-18 years of age, Western/ English attire)
37. Open Horsemanship (14-18 years of age, Western/ English attire)
38. Lead Line (10 Years of age and under, Western/ English attire, rider not eligible to ride in any other class)
39. Open Senior Pattern Class
40. Open English Pleasure Walk/Trot (19+, eligible in class #37 only)
41. Open Western Pleasure Walk/Trot (19+, eligible in class #36 only)

Trail Class
Prizes $35, $33, $31, $29, $27
42. Trail Class 18 years & over
Prizes $35, $33, $31, $29, $27
43. Trail Class 17 years & under
NOTE: Will be Commencing at 1pm

Best Light Horse on the Grounds
Open to 1st and 2nd placings from halter classes

Best Light Horse
Receives a championship banner and a horse cooler donated by BAAS

Reserve Light Horse
Receives a reserve champion banner donated by BAAS

**Official Show List** 10:30 am SHARP
Order the classes will be called:
1. Arabian Mares, all ages
8. Quarter Horse Mares, all ages
14. Appaloosa and Paint Mares, all ages
18. All other Saddle Horse Mares, all ages
2. Arabian Geldings, all ages
9. Quarter Horse Geldings, all ages
15. Appaloosa and Paint Geldings, all ages
19. All Other Saddle Horse Geldings, all ages
27. Senior Showmanship, 19 years and older
26. Intermediate Showmanship, 13-18 years of age
25. Junior Showmanship, 12 and under
Lunch Break—Approximately 45 minutes Ring will be open to work horses
during this time
24. Driving Class (all breeds, all ages)
34. Open Lead Line (6 and under)
5. Arabian Native Costume
28. Open Pleasure Walk/Trot (13 & under, rider to ride in Section 29 only)
29. Open Horsemanship Walk/Trot (13 & under, rider to ride in Section 28 only)
4. Arabian English Pleasure
7. Arabian English Pleasure Stake
11. Quarter Horse English Pleasure
13. Quarter Horse English Pleasure Stake
30. Open Pleasure – 3 gaited(13 and under, Western/English attire)
31. Open Horsemanship – 3 gaited (13 and under, Western/English attire)
17. Appaloosa and Paint English Pleasure
21. All Other Saddle Horse English Pleasure
23. Appaloosa and Paint and All Other Saddle Horse English Pleasure Stake
32. Open Pleasure (14-18 years of age, Western/English attire)
33. Open Horsemanship (14-18 years of age, Western/English attire)
3. Arabian Western Pleasure
6. Arabian Western Pleasure Stake
10. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure
12. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure Stake
16. Appaloosa and Paint Western Pleasure
20. All Other Saddle Horse Western Pleasure
22. Appaloosa, Paint & All Other Saddle Horse Western Pleasure Stake
38. Open Western Pleasure Walk/Trot(19+, eligible in class #37 only)
36. Open Senior Pattern Class
37. Open English Pleasure Walk/Trot(19+, eligible in class #38 only)
41. Trail Class (18 and under) to be shown in separate ring with a separate judge.
40. Trail Class (19 and over) to be shown in separate ring with a separate judge.

Any suggestion or ideas for improving this event are welcome; the committee strives to make this event enjoyable and competitive for all competitors.

Class 3 – Beef Cattle

Class 3 – Beef Cattle

Everyone pays at the gate upon entry to the grounds.
All animals must be on the grounds by 10:00 am Saturday of the fair

Committee: Tanya Lassaline 519-466-4549, Kelly Dennis, Jeff Lassaline, Amber McLachlan, Bob McLachlan, Grant Lehrbass

Sponsored by: Gary Field Homes, Lambton Cattlemen’s Association,Grant Lehrbass, Mellis Construction Ltd, McNally Excavating, Bluewater Power, Van Tuyl & Fairbanks, Parrish and Heimbecker, DLS Computer Systems, Brodie Spray Services, Tim Campbell Livestock, McNeil Grain & Feed, McLachlan & Chalcraft Family

** All exhibitors entered at the Brooke-Alvinston Watford Fall Fair must have insurance coverage to exhibit at fairs. Entry forms must be signed by the exhibitor.**

Brooke-Alvinston 4-H Beef Club Achievement Program
Saturday of the fair, 10:30 am
Leaders: Amber McLachlan (519-358-7704),Donna Tait

1. Showmanship – Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Novice
2. Champion Showmanship
3. Market – Steers, Heifers
4. Champion Market
5. Breeding – Calves, Yearlings
6. Champion Breeding

PEEWEE Showmanship Class
Open to youth 4-9 years of age. Class will be held at 1:00 pm (or directly following the 4-H Inter-County Program). Registration will take place at the judge’s stand, and no entry fee is required. Children are encouraged to have adult assistance in the ring if needed. Each exhibitor will receive a ribbon and monetary prize for participating.

Section 1: 4-H Inter-county Program
No entry fees for classes within this section. All exhibitors must be bonafide 4-H members. If requested, Ontario membership cards will be the only proof of membership accepted. Calf must be their project animal born in 2022 or 2023. Dress code will consist of clean and tidy clothing. Judging will commence immediately following the PEEWEE showmanship class and the Brooke-Alvinston Beef 4-H Achievement Program. Registration will take place at the judge’s stand when announced.

Showmanship Classes
Determined the day of the show based on ages of participants.
(Approx. Novice 9(1st year), Junior 10-13, Intermediate 14-16, Senior 17-21)
Prize Money: $25; $20, $15, $12, $10, $10, $8
(Senior) (Intermediate) (Junior)
Champion Showperson: $25.00
Reserve Champion Showperson: $10.00

Confirmation Classes: Prize Money: $30; $25; $20; $15; $10
1. Heavy Steer
2. Light Steer
3. Market Heifer
4. Champion Market Animal
5. Breeding Heifer Calf
6. Breeding Heifer Yearling
7. Champion Breeding Heifer
Champion Market Animal—— ($30)
Reserve Champion Market Animal——- ($20)
Champion Breeding Heifer ——- ($30)
Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer ——— ($20)

Section 2 – Market Program
Entry fee of $5.00 per head must be paid on the day of the show. The 15% retain on prize money does not apply to this section. Cattle will be weighed, if scales are available; otherwise the judge will split classes in the show ring. Judging will commence after the Intercounty 4-H program.
**Market heifers are not eligible to be shown in the breeding classes in Section 3. **
Classes: Prize money: $50; $45; $40; $35; $25
1. Heavy Steer
2. Light Steer
3. Market Heifer
4. Champion Market Animal
Champion Market Animal ——– ($100)
Reserve Champion Market Animal ——– ($75)

Section 3 – Breeding Program
$5.00 membership fee must be paid the day of the fair for each exhibitor.
15% of all prize winnings will be retained as the entry fees for these classes.
Judging follows the 4-H Inter-county and Market programs.
** Each class will consist of purebred and crossbred cattle shown together. **
Classes: Prize money: $50; $45; $40; $35; $30; $25
1. Bull calf born on or after January 1 of 2023
2. Bull yearling – born January 1 – December 31, 2022
3. Champion Bull
4. Heifer Calf born on or after January 1 of 2023
5. Heifer yearling born April – December of 2023
6. Heifer yearling born January – March of 2022
7. Cow born in 2021 with her natural 2023 calf at foot
8. Mature cow with her natural 2023 calf at foot
9. Champion Female
Champion Bull —– ($100)
Reserve Champion Bull——– ($45) (Grant Lehrbass)
Champion Female——- ($100)
Reserve Champion Female—– ($45)

A group of four animals bred by the exhibitor with both sexes represented and must have been shown in the previous classes. At least one animal must be owned by the exhibitor. Limit one entry per exhibitor. No entry fee or prize winning deductions.
Prize money: $60; $55; $50; $45; $40; $35

SPECIAL – Best Cow & Calf Pair
Prize money: $25 (Wiedmanview Clydesdales, Wayne Deans)
(1 entry per exhibitor)

SPECIAL – Bull Calf On or After Jan 1 of 2023
Prize money: 1st; $50 (Lambton Meats)
2nd; $25 (wiedmanview Clydesdale / Wayne Deans)

SPECIAL – Heifer Calf Born on or After Jan 1 2023
Prize money: 1st; $50 (Lambton Meats)
2nd; $25 (Wiedmanview Clydesdales / Wayne Deans)

Class 4 – Sheep

Class 4 – Sheep

Everyone pays at the gate upon entry to the grounds.
Judging will commence at 1:00 pm on Saturday of fair

Committee: Sarah Hills 519-466-5472

There will be a $5.00 membership fee paid and 15% of all earnings will be deducted in lieu of entry fees.

Rules specific to the Sheep Show:
1. A maximum of 5 animals will be allowed to be exhibited in any breed class.
2. A maximum of 2 animals will be allowed in 2 of the sections a, b, c, or d.
3. Only 1 exhibitor per breeding unit will be allowed.
4. Canadian registration papers must be available for checking by the sheep committee.
5. All animals must have a legible tattoo which includes flock letters and the year letter; or the double tag system approved by the Canadian Sheep Identification Program.
6. Any animal deemed by the sheep committee to be unfit because of health must be removed.

Breeding Classes
If less than 2 exhibitors are present for a class then the class will be shown in any other breed class. Classes may be added or breeds combined at the discretion of the committee.
1. Suffolk
2. Dorset
3. Lincoln
4. Oxford
5. Southdown
6. Leichester
7. Any other Breed

Sections for Each Class Listed Above
a) Ewe yearling –3rd pair of temporary incisors must be in place.
b) Ewe – Born on the property of the exhibitor–1st pair of incisors must be in place
c) Ram yearling – 3rd pair of incisors must be in place
d) Ram – Born on the property of the exhibitor–1st pair of incisors must be in place
e) Flock – A group of 4 animals of the same breed. Both sexes must be represented. All animals must have been exhibited in a preceding section and be bred and owned by the exhibitor.
f) Get of Sire

Prizes (unless otherwise stated) $30, $25, $20, $15, $10 all other entries will receive $5

Jr. Grain King or Queen

Junior Grain King or Queen


Committee: Carolyn Cornelissen (519-849-6850), Penny VandenOuweland (519-849-5084)

Sponsored by: Shea Ag Ltd, Jeff Shea

1. Competitors must be between 10 and 16 years old.
2. Each competitor must exhibit their entries at the fairgrounds by noon on Friday of the fair.
3. For the Field Corn competition, 6 ears of corn to be displayed
4. For the Soybean competition, 6 soybean stalks with roots removed to be displayed
5. For the Winter Wheat competition, 5 pounds of wheat to be displayed
6. To be eligible to win Junior Grain King or Queen must submit all 3 categories
7. Competitors do not need to be 4-H members
**Each person who enters all 3 categories (corn, soybeans, wheat) will receive a gift from Shea Ag. **

Soybeans $10, $8, $7 Corn $10, $8, $7 Winter Wheat $10, $8, $7

JUNIOR GRAIN KING OR QUEEN will receive a keeper plaque. (All donated by Shea Ag. Service, Jeff Shea)

Sponsored by: Douglas & Elliott Pioneer Seeds
(For 4H Members)

Top 4-H Senior Member $20
Top 4-H Junior Member $20

Education Exhibits

Educational Exhibits

All worthy entries will be awarded a $25.00 presentation award.
Sponsored in part by BAAS
1. The theme of the exhibit is exhibitor’s choice.
2. Exhibits allotted a space approximately 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep, 3 feet high.
3. Exhibits are to be set up by NOON Friday of Fair and remain until 4:00pm Sunday or forfeit money.

Class 5 – Grains & Seeds

Class 5 – Grains & Seeds

Committee: Kevin Straatman (519-312-5516) Burton McKinlay, Jeff Lassaline, Tanya Lassaline, Danielle Cornelissen

Sponsored by: Wanstead Farmers Co-Op

NOTE: Must be product of current year, except 5 pounds of Soybeans may be last year’s. Treated grain will be disqualified. Plain bags, no labeling. Underweight exhibits not placed.
**Soybean and Corn Stalks must have the roots removed!**

The exhibitor who accumulates the most points, with at least 3 entries in class 5, Section 1 – 21 and at least one entry in the FieldCrop Competition will become and will win:

GRAND CHAMPION “KING OF THE GRAINS AND SEEDS” will win for one year, a Perpetual Plaque with name engraved, to stay in the showcase, and will receive a Keeper plaque (donated by Burton McKinlay) plus an assortment of gifts.

Prizes (sections 1-21) $10, $8, $7
1. White Fall Wheat, 5 pounds
2. Red Fall Wheat, 5 pounds
3. Spring Barley, 5 pounds
4.Winter Barley, 5 pounds
5. Oats, 5 pounds
6. Red Clover, 5 pounds
7. Corn, Sweet Garden, 6 Ears
8. Hybrid Corn, 6 Ears Under 3000 Heat Units
9. Hybrid Corn, 6 Ears Over 3000 Heat Units
10. Popcorn, 6 Ears
11. Silage corn, 6 Stalks
12. 5 pounds of Soybeans, coloured hilum
13. 5 pounds of Soybeans, white hilum
14. 6 stalks of Soybeans Under 3000 Heat Units
15. 6 stalks of Soybeans 3000 Heat Units and over
16. Single non-branched stock of soybeans Under 3000 Heat Units
17. Single non-branched stock of soybeans, 3000 Heat Units & Over
18. Hay 12” Section Bale
19. 1 bushel cut Dry Hay
20. 6 Non-branched stalks of Soybeans Under 3000 Heat Units
21. 6 Non-branched stalks of Soybeans 3000 Heat Units & Over Specials
22. Most Attractive Display of Hybrid Ear Corn (Ken Campbell) $5, $4, $3
23. Section 20 (MacKellar Farms) $25, $15, $10
24. Section 21 (McKinlay Farms) $25, $15, $10
25. Most Points accumulated in Sections 8 & 9 (Elliott Shetland Farms) $15
26. Most Points accumulated in Sections 18 & 19 (Elliott Shetland Farms) $10
27. Best Decorative Sheaf of Oats (Elliott Shetland Farms) $15, $10
28. Best Decorative Sheaf of Wheat (Elliott Shetland Farms) $7, $5, $3
29. Most points accumulated in sections 1 & 2 (In Memory of Art Griffith) $10
30. Most points accumulated in sections 12 & 13 (In Memory of Art Griffith) $10

Class 5A – Field Crop Competition

Class 5A – Field Crop Competition (Field Corn, Soybean and Winter Wheat)

Committee: Kevin Straatman, Jeff Lassaline, Burton McKinlay, Tanya Lassaline, Danielle Cornelisson

Sponsored by: BDO Canada LLP

1. Each field entered for the competition must have an area of not less than five acres.
2. Entry limited to paid members of the Agricultural Society.
3. Competitors must be 16 years or older.
4. All exhibits should be identified by variety name.
5. Crops will be judged when nearing maturity. The judge, in scoring the fields, will consider such factors as purity of variety, freedom from plant diseases and insects, stand, vigor, uniformity and maturity of the crop; trimmed headlands, fence lines and crop division strips.
6. Each competitor must also provide an exhibit of their competition at the fairgrounds by noon on Friday of the fair.
7. For the Field Corn competition, 6 ears of corn to be displayed.
8. For the Soybean competition, 6 soybean stalks with roots removed are to be displayed.
9. For the Winter Wheat competition, 5 pounds of wheat is to be displayed.
10. Scoring is to be weighed: 50% for Field score – 50% for Fair Day Display
11. To enter the competition, contact any Grain and Seed committee member:

1st Lassaline Seeds, Pioneer Seed Voucher for 1 Unit of Seed Corn
2nd Product Voucher or certificate
3rd Product Voucher or certificate

1st McAlpine Seeds, Pioneer Seed Voucher for 5 Units of Seed Soybean
2nd Product Voucher or certificate
3rd Product Voucher or certificate

Winter Wheat
1st Elliott Seeds, Pioneer Seed Voucher for 10 Units of Seed Wheat
2nd Product Voucher or certificate
3rd Product Voucher or certificate

Most Points Accumulated In All Crop Competition:
Product Voucher or certificate

Special Prizes for Field Judging
1. Highest scoring Corn Field $20
2. Highest scoring Soybean Field $20
3. Highest scoring Wheat Field $20

Special Prizes for Display Judging
1. Highest scoring Corn display $20
2. Highest scoring Soybean display $20
3. Highest scoring Wheat display $20

Each entry that places 4th to 10th place in each display category will receive $10 provided by BDO Canada LLP.

Class 6 – Roots, Fruits & Vegetables

Class 6 – Roots, Fruits & Vegetables

Committee: Jim Annett, Katie McKellar

NOTE: Eligibility for Top Vegetable Gardener extends only to TWO consecutive years of winning.

Top Vegetable Gardener:
The person who compiles the most points in Class 6 from sections 1- 48.

All entries should be clean but not washed.
Exhibit tomatoes with stems on and root crops with roots attached.
All entries must be from the exhibitor’s home garden.

Prizes $5, $4, $3
1. Beets, round for table use, 3
2. Beets, long for table use, 3
3. Cabbage, Savoy, 1 head
4. Cabbage, Red, 1 head
5. Cabbage, White, 1 head
6. Carrots, for table use, 3
7. Cauliflower, 1 head
8. Celery, 1 bunch (with root)
9. Cucumber, Slicing, 3
10. Garlic, 3 bulbs
11. Onions, Spanish, 3
12. Onions, Red, 3
13 Onions, White, 3
14. Onions, Yellow 3
15. Parsnips, for table use, 3
16. Peppers, Hot, 5
17. Peppers, Sweet Banana, 5
18. Peppers, Sweet Bell, 3
19. Potatoes, Kennebec, 5
20. Potatoes, Red Chieftain, 5
21. Potatoes, Superior, 5
22. Potatoes, Yukon Gold, 5
23. Potatoes, A.O.V., Named, 5
24. Pumpkin, Field, 1
25. Pumpkins, Pie, 1
26. Squash, Buttercup, 2
27. Squash, Butternut, 2
28. Squash, Hubbard, 1
29. Squash, Pepper, 2
30. Squash, A.O.V., Named, 2
31. Tomatoes, Cherry, 5
32. Tomatoes, Red, 3
33. Tomatoes, Roma, 3
34. Turnips, Purple Topped Swede, 1
35. Muskmelon, 1
36. Watermelon, Long, 1
37. Watermelon, Round, 1
38. Zucchini, 2 (Max. 8 inches long)
39. Apples Named, 5
40. Pears Named, 5
41. Plums Named, 5
42. Raspberries, Ever-bearing, 1/2 litre
43. Any other fruit or vegetable not listed
44. Grapes, 1 bunch

45. Most Attractive Vegetable display, 2’ x 2’ area with min. of 10 vegetables, Quality & Display to count. Gift Card
46. Best display of at least 5 varieties locally grown squash. $5, $3, $2
47. Gift basket of assorted locally grown fruit and vegetables, exhibitors choice. Gift Card

*Note ~ All food remaining after Sunday will be donated to the Alvinston Food Bank*

Class 7 – Largest Grains & Pumpkins

Class 7 – Largest Grains & Pumpkins

Committee: Jim Annett, Katie McKellar

NOTE: All exhibits for this class must be on the fairgrounds for noon on the Friday of the fair. Judging/weighing begins at 12:00pm. The exhibits will remain until 4:00 pm Sunday of the Fair. Any exhibit left on the fairgrounds after 4:00 pm on Sunday will be removed from the arena.

Prizes $5, $4, $3
1. Biggest Sunflower Head
2. Tallest Sunflower (recommended to be mounted on a board)
3. Longest Cob of Corn
4. Tallest Stalk of Corn

Prizes $30, $20, $15, $10 (section 5 only)
5. Largest Pumpkin

NOTE: Due to the complexity of moving these exhibits, the committee requests exhibitors to please place their pumpkin on a blanket on a pallet. The exhibitor must be present to ensure the safe handling of their property. The official weighing of the pumpkins will take place at 12:00 pm on the Friday of the Fair.

Class 8 – Home Crafts & Hobbies

Class 8 – Home Department (Home Crafts & Hobbies)

Committee: Beth Lucan (519-312-5579), Marilyn Dolbear, Nancy McLachlin, Margaret Bojkovic, Fay Gray, Melanie DeRoche, Lynne Coker, Marilyn Walsh, Dawn McNally, Julie Berdan

NOTE: Eligibility for Home Craft Queen extends only to TWO consecutive years of winning.
The Queen will take part in the awards ceremony Friday night and ride in the parade on Saturday (Failure to do so, could result in forfeiture of prizes)

Home Craft & Hobby Queen will be the person who compiles the most points in Class 8 excluding specials. Must have at least one entry in 5 of the categories of Class 8 (ex. quilts, crochet, crafts, etc.).

Brooke Alvinston Agricultural Society Tiara
Prize Pack

1. All work must be homemade by the Exhibitor.
2. Only one item per exhibitor in each section.
3. Members of the committee reserve the right to not present any entries shown several years to the judge for judging. Articles may have been used but must be clean. Any soiled articles will be disqualified.
4. All articles must be easily movable.
5. Keep in mind that machine knit articles cannot compete with hand-knitting. Please be fair to our hand knitters.

Quilter’s Corner
We encourage everyone to enter their quilts, even if they have been hand quilted by several people, or machine quilted short arm or long arm. We love to display all of your fabulous creations.

We would like first time quilters to enter.

Prizes (sections 100-104) $15, $12, $10
*100 Quilt, pieced hand quilted, min. 72”x90”
101 Quilt-made by someone under 18 years
102 Quilted tote bag any size
103 Quilt wool appliqued any size
*104 Pieced Quilt, machine quilted, min 72”x 90”
*105 Quilt, Original design created by exhibitor
*106 Quilt, single bed, any technique, approx 72”x90”
107 Quilt made from scraps, any size, (minimum twin).
Prizes (sections 105-116) $10, $8, $6
108 Quilt, crib size (39”x45” approx) with panel
*109 Quilt, crib size, other (39”x45”)
*110 Lap Quilt max. 36”x48” any technique
*111 Quilt Top, unfinished (less than 72×90”)
112 Quilt Top, unfinished (more than 72×90”)
*113 Wall Hanging, quilted, any size(must be able to be hung)
114 Quilt Block, machine or hand pieced, any pattern (mounted)
115 Quilt Block, appliqued, mounted
*116 Quilt, any technique, machine quilted(less than 72”x90”)
117 Quilt, any technique, machine quilted (more than72”x90”)
118 Quilt, practical, for on a couch(less than 72”x90”)
Prize (section 117) $5, $3, $2
119 Cushion, quilted

Best Quilt in Fair, Hand Quilted $30
Best Quilt in Fair, Machine Quilted $20
Best of Section 100 (Fay Gray) $5
Best of Section 104 (Stitcharie Quilt Shop) Gift Cert
Best of Section 105 (Stitcharie Quilt Shop) Gift Cert
Best of Section 106 (Stitcharie Quilt Shop) Gift Cert
Best of Section 109 (Stitcharie Quilt Shop) Gift Cert
Best of Section 110 (Stitcharie Quilt Shop) Gift Cert
Best of Section 111 (Fay Gray) $5
Best of Section 113 $5
Best of Section 116 (Fay Gray) $5
Most Overall Points in Quilting Section $25

Christmas Corner
Prizes $5, $3, $2
200 Tree Decorations, 3 hand-made and mounted
201 Christmas Angel, any technique
202 Wall Hanging, any size
203 Home Décor Christmas Item
204 Christmas Stocking or Tree Skirt
205 Christmas Card, any technique
206 Christmas Item not previously mentioned

Prizes $5, $3, $2
NOTE: All articles must be machine or hand sewn
300 Girl`s Dress (size 2 to 14)
*301 Denim Article
302 Two Placemats, any type
303 A Sewn Article from Scraps
304 Practical Cushion, not quilted but sewn
305 Oven Mitts or Pot Holder, 1 pair
306 Sewn Child`s Item
307 Sewn Baby Item
308 Sewn Article, not previously mentioned
309 Table Runner
*310 Tote Bag
*311 Purse
312 Ladies Top, sewn

Best of Section 301 $5
Best of Section 310 $5
Best of Section 311 $5

Seniors (60 and Over)
Prizes $5, $3, $2 unless otherwise stated
*400 Article Sewn, no toys
*401 Article Embroidered
402 Knitted Hat, Scarf or Mittens
403 Handmade Article from old blue jeans
404 Article Crocheted
405 Apron
*406 Afghan, any technique
*407 Article, quilted
408 Baby Article, knit or crochet
409 Slipper
410 Homemade Card, any technique

Best of Section 400 (Wallace Lang) $5
Best of Section 401 $5
Best of Section 406 (In Memory of Jean M Patterson) $5
Best of Section 407 $5

Hand Knitting and Crochet
Note: Knitting-any machine Knit Articles will be disqualified
Prizes $5, $3, $2

500 Boy’s or Girl’s Sweater
*501 Home Décor Article, knitted or crocheted
502 Other Knitted Item, not mentioned in this section
503 Infant`s Sweater, Bonnet, Pants or Booties, 2 items
504 Afghan, baby, 40”x45”
*505 Adult Sweater
506 Socks or Slippers
*507 Afghan, 42”x65” approx, knitted
*508 Fairisle Sweater, at least 3 colours, any style or size
509 Knitted Item, novelty yarn
510 Hat and Scarf or Mitts (2 items)

511 Article Made From “Granny Square”
*512 Baby Afghan
513 Slippers
514 Accessory (i.e: belt, purse, etc)
515 Doily, mounted, any size
*516 Afghan, 42”x 65” approx.
517 Crocheted Stove of Fridge Towel
518 Any Other Crocheted Item not mentioned

Best of Section 501 $5
Best of Section 505 $5
Best of Section 507 $5
Best of Section 508 $5
Best of Section 512 $5
Best of Section 516 $5

Prizes $5, $3, $2 unless otherwise stated
600 Counted Cross Stitch Article, not framed
*601 Needlepoint Picture, framed
602 Article Embroidered
603 Needlework Article not previously mentioned
604 Counted Cross Stitch Article Framed
Best of Section 601 $5

Other Crafts
Prizes $5, $3, $2
700 Beaded Jewelry
*701 Basically Wood Article, small furniture
*702 Basically Wood Article, novelty item
*703 Rug, any technique
704 Handcrafted Paper Item
705 Handmade Card, Adult Birthday
706 Handmade Card, Child Birthday
707 Handmade Card, any other occasion
708 Item Not Previously Mentioned
*709 Article Made from old blue jeans
710 My Favourite Handmade Article

Best of Section 701 $5
Best of Section 702 $5
Best of Section 704 $5
Best of Section 710 $5

Artist’s Corner Pictures must be ready to hang.
Prizes $5, $3, $2
800 A Sketch, any technique
*801 Landscape Scene, any medium
802 Animal/Wildlife, any medium
*803 Sunset or Sunrise, any medium
804 Still Life Picture, any medium
805 A Portrait, any medium
*806 Hand Painted Practical Article
807 Country Life Sketch or Painting
808 Farm Life Painting, any medium

Best of Section 801 Gift Cert
Best of Section 803 Gift Cert
Best of Section 806 Gift Cert

Amateur Photography
Prizes $5, $3, $2
For Amateurs Only! For your photos’ protection, please ensure your photos are mounted on a background that staples will go through. A staple gun will be used to display pictures.
900 Our Beautiful Gardens, 4 prints
901 Children Do (Child Does) the Strangest Things
902 Our Community Events, 4 prints
903 Our Little Farmer
904 Our Child or Children, 4 prints
905 Local Sunset or Sunrise, 1 print, any size, framed or mounted
906 Vacation Time, 4 prints of scenes
907 Family and Friends, 4 prints
908 “Fair Theme”, 4 prints
909 “Farmers Feed Cities” 2-10 prints, mounted (In Memory of Ruth Leitch) $10, $5, $3
910 Nature, 1 print, mounted or framed, any size
911 Autumn Reflections, at least 2 prints
912 Our Grandchildren, 4 prints
913 On the Sydenham, 4 prints
914 Water, Snow and Ice, 2 prints
915 My Favourite Holiday
916 Me and My Pet
917 Favourite “Country Life” Photo, mounted
918 Alvinston Pro Rodeo Special (Dan Cumming) $15, $10, $5
“The Best of the Alvinston Pro Rodeo” (4 photos) 4”x 6”, mounted on 1 sheet.
919 Back in the Saddle – 1 print
920 A historical picture in our community named & labeled, mounted
921 In Memory of Ruth Leitch “Best Building” located in Alvinston, Inwood or Watford – 1 print

Class 9 – Baking & Canning

Class 9 – Baking & Canning

Committee: Chris Bryans, Betty Whitton, Betty Cooper, Mary Bryans, Hedy Black

Exhibits will NOT be given out until 4:00 pm on Sunday!!

NOTE: Eligibility for Baking Queen extends only to TWO consecutive years of winning. All winners will ride in the parade on Saturday. Tiara worn by Baking Queen for Friday night ceremonies and Saturday parade remain the property of the BAAS. If not returned, the value will be deducted from the Queen’s cash winnings

Baking Queen
Most points accumulated in Class 9 Sections 1-45
Brooke Alvinston Agricultural Society Tiara
Prize Pack

All exhibits in this class must be specified or are ineligible. Any deviation from the following rules will disqualify the entry.
1. All entries need entry tickets attached securely to exhibit and plastic bag coverings.
2. All cakes and breads to be placed on sturdy cardboard a little bigger than the article being shown and in clear plastic bags.
3. All pies are to be 9 or 10 inches, but only 4” wedge on a small disposable place is the be entered. Pastry is to be homemade.
4. Yeast bread to be of previous days baking.
5. Rolls are separate, buns together.
6. Cookies to be no more than 3 inches in diameter.
7. All canned goods sealed in PINT jars unless specified.
8. Use disposable plate, size appropriate to number of articles.

Baking Judges Tips
1. Size, colour, texture, weight, aroma, appearance and taste are all elements food judges use to make decisions.
2. Use only fresh ingredients.
3. Measure all ingredients precisely.
4. Check the oven temperature to prevent over baking or burning.
5. Cookies must be equal in size (3 inch in diameter), shape and appearance, bake them one sheet at a time in the center of the oven for even browning.
6. If quick breads or muffins, mix ingredients evenly, but do not over mix (too much mixing causes tunnels or holes to form inside and can coarsen the texture).
7. If batter, tap pan several times on counter to bring up air bubbles (prevents tunnels).
8. Read and observe the rules and regulations in the prize list (i.e. How many cookies or squares are needed?)
9. NO overlap of crust for tarts.

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00
Breads & Rolls
1 Cinnamon Rolls, 3
2 Hot Cross Buns, 3
3 Bread Machine, any variety 1 loaf
Quick Breads & Muffins
4 Banana Bread, half a loaf
5 Zucchini Loaf, half a loaf
6 Pumpkin Loaf, half a loaf
7 Lemon Loaf, half a loaf
8 Corn Bread Muffins, 3
9 Bran Muffins, 3 (No Raisins)
10 Blueberry Muffins, 3

Cookies & Squares
11 Peanut Butter Cookies, 3
12 Oatmeal Cookies, 3
13 Gingersnap Cookies, 3
14 Chocolate Chip Cookies, 3
15 Coconut Macaroons, 3
16 Sugar Cookies (Iced),3 (Fair Theme)
17 Lemon Squares, 3
18 Butter Tart Squares, 3
19 Squares with Pineapple, 3
20 Date Squares, 3
21 No Bake Squares, 3
22 Brownies (no icing), 3 pcs.
23 Chocolate Fudge Candy, 5 pcs
24 Peanut Brittle, 5 pcs

Pies & Tarts – All pies are to be a 4” wedge on a small disposable plate. All pastry is to be homemade.
25 Apple Pie
26 Cherry Pie, Lattice Top
27 Blueberry Pie
28 Raspberry Pie
29 Pumpkin Pie
30 Pecan Pie
31 Butter Tarts (plain), 3 (O.A.A.S Special)
32 Lemon Tarts, 3
33 Any Tarts not mentioned, must be labeled, 3
34 Favourite Dessert using Munro Honey, Recipe Attached.
1st, 2nd, 3rd   Munro Honey Gift Cards

35 Cake (1) or (12) Cupcakes in Fair Theme (On 1 board)
*Liners Allowed*  1st – BAAS (to be theirs) $25

Canning – Any size jars, to be sealed using 2-piece lids.
Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00
36 Peach Jam, cooked
37 Strawberry Jam, cooked
38 Raspberry Jam, cooked
39 Blueberry Jam, cooked
40 Grape Jelly, cooked
41 Apple Jelly, cooked
42 Pepper Pepper Jelly, cooked
43 Jam or Jelly not mentioned
44 Zucchini Relish
45 Cucumber Relish
46 Applesauce
47 Dilled Vegetables
48 Peach Salsa
49 Salsa, mild or medium (must be indicated on lid)
50 Pickled Beets
51 Chili Sauce
52 Bread and Butter Pickles
53 Dilled Cucumber Pickles

OAAS Special - Maple Syrup **NEW THIS YEAR**

OAAS Special – Maple Syrup

Committee: Pam Hills (519-898-5273)

1. The Entry must be completed by the exhibitor entering
2. By entering the OAAS competition, the exhibitor agrees to allow their name and exhibit to be part of any promotional activities related to the competition
3. Winner of this OAAS category at the Brooke-Alvinston Watford Fall Faircwill be eligible to enter the District 13 competition

Prizes: 1st $25.00, 2nd 15.00, 3rd $10.00

1. Submit 1 clear glass container of Pure Maple Syrup, Ontario Grade A

Class 10 – Wine, Beer & Cider

Class 10 – Wine, Beer & Cider

Committee: Pam Hills (519-898-5273), Barb Oke, Laurie Lightfoot, Sarah Hills

1. Entries must be made by the exhibitor. Open to amateurs only.
2. One bottle per exhibitor per section.
3. Wine must be labeled (variety or fruit type, and date bottled) wine should be bottled current year of fair.
4. Beer or Cider must be labeled (beer or cider)
5. Wine to be displayed in classical round wine bottles with cork or screw cap closure
6. No entries will be returned to the exhibitor.
7. Ribbons and bottles to be picked up Sunday at 4:00 pm.

Sections 1 & 2
Prizes: 1st $15.00, 2nd $12.00, 3rd $10.00

1 Grape Wine, white
2 Grape Wine, red
3 Best overall wine (BAAS) $30

Sections 4 & 5
Prizes: 1st $30.00, 2nd $20.00, 3rd $10.00

4 Home Brew Beer
5 Home Brew Hard Cider

Class 11 – Flowers

Class 11 – Flowers

Committee: Kathryn Smith-Annett (519-898-5231), Chrystal Bressette, Marilyn McKinlay, Edna Grover

Master Gardener
The person who compiles the most points in Class 11, Sections 1-40.
NOTE: Eligibility for Master Gardener extends only to TWO consecutive years of winning. All winners will ride in parade on Saturday.

Brooke Alvinston Agricultural Society Plaque & $25
May’s Flower Company Gift Card
Kathryn Smith-Annett Cash Prize

All entries must be from Amateur Exhibitor’s home garden. All buds showing colour are considered a bloom. Count carefully. Committee is not responsible for loss or breakage.

Hanging Plants: Plants only to be judged.
Prizes $5, $3, $2
1a Inside hanging plant
1b Outside hanging plant

Potted Plants
Prizes $5, $3, $2
2 Well established pot of coleus
3 Cactus, 1 named
4 Geranium, any variety, 1
5 African Violet, one plant per pot
6 Patio Pot, minimum 3 plants
7 Unusual Plant, named
8 Pot of mixed herbs- min. 3 varieties
9 Begonia, any variety, 1 plant in a pot
10 Tropical House Plant, 1, named, not exceed 3’ in height
11 Hens and Chickens in an unusual container

Cut Flowers
Prizes $5, $3, $2
*Flowers, foliage & presentation to be judged, unless stated. No damaged leaves or flowers. Pick blooms of uniform size. For best presentation, vase or container should be 1/3 and flowers 2/3 of height.
12 Dahlias, 3 blooms, any variety
13 Mixed ornamental Grass – 10 stems max
14 French Marigolds, 5 blooms (small)
15 African Marigolds, large, 5 blooms
16 Single Petunias, 5 blooms
17 Large Zinnias, over 2”, 3 blooms
18 Zinnias, pom pom, mixed colours, 5 blooms
19 Hydrangeas, 3 blooms
20 Salvia, 3 stems
21 Hosta Leaves, 3 stems each ad different variety
22 Cannas, 3 stems, include foliage
23 Sedum Flowers, 5 stems
24 Dusty Miller, 3 stems
25 Chrysanthemum, 5 blooms under three inches
26 Cosmos, 5 blooms
27 Rose Bowl (No foliage)
28 One Rose in Vase, not red
29 Tuberous Begonia, Floated, 1 bloom (No foliage)
30 Bowl of Nasturtiums, own foliage
31 Flowers not mentioned, 5 stems – named

Arrangements * To be fresh flowers unless otherwise stated*
Prizes $8, $6, $4
32 “Country ” roadside arrangement, in a crock, pitcher or pail
33 “Wee Pixies”, miniature arrangement, in an egg cup (max ht. 5”)
34 “Tea Time Arrangement” – in a tea cup using fresh flowers
35 “Pretty in Pink”, design of fresh flowers in shades of pink only, in a co-ordinated vase
36 “Walking in the Clouds”, arrangement of white flowers, in oasis accessories allowed
37 Dried Floral Arrangement using seed heads or pods in a vase
38 Papa’s Cup Arrangement, live and dried material in a coffee mug
39 “Harmony”, mixed annuals, minimum 3 varieties in oasis
40 Arrangement in a western boot using natural fresh or dried material
41 Fair Theme Arrangement “Ye Olde Country Fair”

42 “The Best Red Rose in the Show”, one long stemmed red rose in vase.
1st (In Memory of Ross McLean) Rose Bowl Trophy
43 Fall or Christmas Door Swag or Wreath(fresh or silk)
(Kathryn Smith-Annett) $10, $8, $6
44 “Most Fragrant Rose”, 1 long stem rose, any colour
(Kathryn Smith-Annett) $7, $5, $3
45 Christmas Centre Piece using evergreens and natural accessories/candles (Kathryn Smith-Annett) $10, $8, $6
46 An Arrangement using wide variety of perennials (min 5 Varieties) (Sipken’s Nurseries) Gift Card
47 Best of Show Judges Choice (May’s Flower Company) Gift Card

Class 12 – Junior Division

Class 12 Junior Division

Committee: Pam Hills (519 898 5273), Chris Bryans, Edna Kerrigan, Carly Bryans, Barb Oke, Jean Van Damme, Melissa McLachlin, Betty Whitton

Anyone, 16 years and under, may enter this division. The Champion, Runner Up & 3rd Place winners will be between the ages of 10 and 16 years inclusive, who compiles the most points in the point earning sections, excluding specials. Please use the fair theme “Ye Olde Country Fair” where possible.

Champion – Prizes valuing $200.00

Runner Up – Prizes valuing $150.00

Third Place – Prizes valuing $100.00

(Sponsored by Alvinston Optimists) Prizes $4, $3, $2
1 Artical made from barn board
2 String Art. Any size
3 Stained Glass Window, on construction paper, using torn magazine pages or tissue paper as medium, glued on.
4 Pebble Art, in a 4’ x 6’ frame
5 Collage on bristol board
6 Road sign of “Turtles” crossing, on sturdy material.
7 My favourite collection, on a tray(no larger than 50cm x50cm)
8 Pencil Sketch 8’ x 10’,  mounted on black bristol board
9 Construct a Birdhouse. Any material
10 Decorate a pie pumpkin with non-perishable materials
11 Carve a bar(s) of soap using Fair Theme
12 Make a set of 4 coasters
13 Make a “Welcome to the Fair” book cover

14 Article made from a kit by a boy $3, $2
15 Article made from a kit by a girl $3, $2
16 Penmanship specimen use below, (No calligraphy, No printing)
“ Who hath a book,
Hath friends at hand,
And gold and gear,
At his command;
And rich estates
If he but look,
Are held by him,
Who hath a book”.
$10, $6, $4

17 Paint a stone to resemble the Fair President  $5, $3, $2
18 Create a piece of garden or yard art  $5, $3, $2
19 Compose a poem about the fair $10, $6, $4

Photography Prizes $4, $3, $2
20 A photo of our fair, mounted, 1 photo
21 Colour Prints, old or historical structures, (6) mounted and labeled
22 Humorous Photo, Mounted with Caption
23 Take and mount a photo of a local event
24 Mount 3 photos that “Tell a Story”

Flowers All Flowers must be from exhibitor’s home garden Prizes $4, $3, $2
25 Herbs arrangement in a jar
26 Flower arrangement, in a mug
27 Flowers to be used as a table center piece
28 Door wreath made of Pine Cones
29 Create a beach Terrarium

30 Best Arrangement in Annuals $5, $3, $2

Home Crafts Prizes $4, $3, $2.
31 Article of your choice made of twine
32 Make your own halloween costume
33 Knit or crochet item
34 Make a bowl out of what ever you want
35 “Look what we made” Make a craft with a grandparent or senior. Photo of craft being made by both in an envelope. Photo to be displayed after judging.

Foods: All entries to be shown in clear plastic bags, or covered in clear plastic wrap, on appropriate sized cardboard or paper plate. Must be homemade, no mixes or prepared fillings, no paper cups. Prizes $4, $3, $2
36 Iced Chocolate Cake from scratch
37 Iced Sugar Cookies (3)
38 Apple Pie, in foil pan, one (1)
39 Cinnamon Rolls (3) no icing
40 Grandma’s Favourite Butter Tarts (3)
41 Trail mix in a sealer (mason jar)
42 Banana muffins (3)
43 Lemon Square 3 pieces
44 Loaf of White Bread

45 Best Decorated “Fair Theme” Cake, only decoration to count, must be edible decoration $10

* Prizes will be paid at the Fair Office during the fair, after 4:00pm on Saturday *

School Fair

School Fair – (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 only)

Committee: Linda Lee McEachern, Margaret Douglas, Carol Leitch, Jessica Lucan

Sponsored by: Watford Optimists

All entries must be in place by 11:45 am on the Friday of fair. The arena will be open on Thursday evening from 6 to 8pm. Doors open at 8am Friday.
No entry fee. Use GREEN School Fair/Craft Corner tags. Please ignore the gender box.
All entries should be grown in the community
Work should be done by the child, may have adult assistance.
Only one entry allowed in each section.
School Fair prize money is to be picked up on  Sunday from 3:00-3:45pm at the School Fair Area.

Grain and Corn
Note: CORN – See that cobs are uniform in size, rows straight and well filled on top and butt. Remove husks (leaves). GRAINS – all grains must be present crop year, except soybeans may be previous crop year.

Prizes $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
1 Corn, sweet hybrid, 6 ears
2 Corn, hybrid, under 3000 H.U., 6 ears
3 Corn, hybrid, 3000 H.U. and over, 6 ears
4 Popcorn, 6 ears
5 Peanuts, one complete plant, including roots
6 Ornamental Corn, husks attached, 6 ears
7 Soybeans, 1 liter glass jar
8 Wheat, (Fall) 1 liter glass jar
9 Barley, 1 liter glass jar
10 Oats, 1 liter glass jar

Prizes $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
11 Potatoes, Red Chieftan for table stock, 3 tubers
12 Potatoes, A.O.V., for table stock, 3 tubers
13 Cabbage, 1 head
14 Egg Plant, 1 specimen, 2.5cm stem
15 Beets, table stock, 3 roots, 2.5cm stems
16 Carrots, table stock, 3 roots, 2.5 cm stems
17 Onions, cooking, 3 roots
18 Onions, Spanish, 3 roots
19 Onions, Red, 3 roots
20 Tomatoes, Paste type, 3 specimens, stems on
21 Tomatoes, Cherry, 5 specimens, stems on
22 Tomatoes, Grape, 5 specimens, stems on
23 Tomatoes, Red, 3 specimens, stems on
24 Squash, Pepper, 2 specimens, stems on
25 Squash, Butternut, 2 specimens, stems on
26 Squash, Zucchini, 2 specimens, stems on
27 Squash, Buttercup 2 specimens, stems on
28 Peppers, Bell, 3 specimens, stems on
29 Peppers, Hot, 3 specimens, stem on
30 Assortment of Peppers, 5 different
31 Collection of Vegetables from home garden. Not less than 6   samples, 1 of each. Quality of vegetables to count.
32 Collection of Gourds, not less than 6, different from home garden
33 Best Dressed Vegetable, Fruit or Gourd in the “Fair Theme”

Prizes $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
34 Watermelon, oblong
35 Watermelon, round
36 Cantaloupe
37 Pumpkin, Pie Type, stem on
38 Pumpkin, Field Type, not squash type, stem on
39 Pumpkin miniature, 3 specimens, stem on
40 Best Pumpkin decorated in the “Fair Theme” (NOT CARVED)

NOTE: Use self-standing container. Quality of bloom is the prime consideration. Count number of blooms carefully. BAAS is not responsible for breakage.
Prizes $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
41 Asters, 6 blooms
42 Mums, 6 blooms
43 Zinnia’s, 6 blooms
44 Cosmos, 6 blooms
45 Snapdragons, 6 spikes
46 Petunias, 6 blooms
47 Pansies, 6 blooms
48 African Marigolds, large 6 blooms
49 French Marigolds, small, 6 blooms
50 Miniature Flower Arrangement (not to exceed 10 cm any dimension)
51 Tea Roses, 3 blooms
52 Floribunda Roses, 3 blooms
53 Miniature Roses, 3 blooms
54 Dahlia’s 3 blooms
55 Daisies, 3 blooms
56 Salvia, 3 blooms
57 Flowers, not mentioned in other sec, 3 blooms, named
58 Flowers not mentioned in other sec, 3 spikes, named
59 Largest Sunflower Head

Prizes $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00, $1.00
60 Flower Arrangement for a Teacher’s Desk
61 A Fairy Garden Planter
62 A Herb Planter, minimum 3 varieties
63Bouquet of Wild Grasses, minimum 4 varieties

Use own recipe, no mixes. Must be work of exhibitor, not adult. Plates will be available at entry table. NO paper cups unless stated. 73 & 74 do not need to be covered.
Prizes $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
64 Chocolate Brownies, not iced, 3 pieces
65 Peanut Butter Cookies, 3 pieces
66 Banana Muffins, 3
67 Tea Biscuits, 3
68 Oatmeal Cookies, 3 Plain
69 Chocolate Chip Cookies, 3 plain
70 Maple Fudge, 3 pieces
71 Chocolate Fudge, 3 pieces
72 Chocolate Coconut Macaroons, 3 pieces
73a Cupcakes, 3 decorated, in paper cups, edible decorations JK-Grade1
73b Cupcakes, 3 decorated, in paper cups, edible decorations Grade2-4
73c Cupcakes, 3 decorated, in paper cups, edible decorations Grade5 – 8
74a Decorated Cake, quality of cake not to be considered. Edible decoration only. JK-Grade 1 (No larger than 28 X 35 X15 cm)
74b Decorated Cake, quality of cake not to be considered. Edible decoration only. Grade 2-4 (No larger than 28 X 35 X15 cm)
74c Decorated Cake, quality of cake not to be considered. Edible decoration only. Grade 5-8 (No larger than 28 X 35 X15 cm)

75 Best Decorated Cakes in 74a, 74b, 74c  $5 each
76Baking Champion – Most points in Section 64-74
(Linda Lee McEachern) $10 + Medal
– Runner up of Most points in Section 64-74
(Linda Lee McEachern) $10 + Medal
77 Child taking most points in School Fair
(Linda Lee  McEachern) Trophy (Watford Optimists) $10.00

Children’s Craft Corner

Children’s Craft Corner

Committee: Carly Bryans (519-918-0046), Chris Bryans, Pam Hills, Barb Oke, Laurie Lightfoot, Margaret Douglas, Jessica Oke, Danielle Lightfoot

Sponsored by: Alvinston Optimist Club

NOTE: Thank you for your co-operation and encouragement. THE ACTUAL WORK IS TO BE THE CHILD’S.

1. You may only enter in your own age class
2. Decision of the judges shall be final and no complaints regarding their decision will be considered! All work MUST be exhibitor’s own and worthy.
4. All entries must be to the auditorium of the arena on the Thursday
evening of the Fair, between 6:30 pm and 8:00- Judging will start at 8:00 pm.
5. All work must be picked up on the Sunday of the Fair at 4 pm. BAAS is NOT responsible for work left after 4:30 pm.
6. All entries will be on display in the arena ice surface area Friday to Sunday of the Fair.
7. One entry in each section, of each class (Class Grade)
8. School Fair and Craft Corner prize money is to be picked up on Saturday of the fair after 4pm at the Fair Office & Sunday from 3:00-3:45 at the School Fair Area. Child must be accompanied by an adult, know their school and teacher’s name. Money will not be sent out this year. If you cannot pick up money when you pick up your entries, you must make arrangements to pick up your prizes.

All Crafts in this years were the most popular crafts from past years.

Prizes $2.50, $2, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25, $1
Junior and Senior Kindergarten
1. Create a play dough dragon
2. Picture/design made with handprints
3. A collection of shiny items in an egg carton
4. Collage of your favourite things (no bigger than 20×20 inches)
5. Best colouring book picture
6. Make a Christmas ornament out of recycled materials
7. SPECIAL – Most points in Sections 1-6 (1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2)

Grade 1 & 2
8. Best decorated sunglasses
9. Make and Decorate a bookmark
10. Make a Crown out of recycled materials
11. Make a painting using fair theme ( 8.5 x 11 inches) 58
12. Turn your winter vegetable into your favourite farm animal
13. Draw and colour a picture of your family
14. SPECIAL – Most points in Sections 8-13 (1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2)

Grade 3 & 4
15. Make a picture using leaves
16. Make a mask of a medieval character using a paper plate e.g (knight,queen,jester)
17. Make a craft using tinfoil
18. Draw a superhero and name it and it’s power
19. Make a mason jar snowglobe
20 Make a shield out of recycled materials
21. SPECIAL – Most points in Sections 15-20 (1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2)

Grade 5 & 6
22. Create a Castle from recycled materials
23. Draw and Create a “ Coat of Arms” for your family
24. Draw and Colour a picture using “fair theme”
25 Make a cowboy puppet (No bigger than 12inches)
26. Make a jack o lantern
27. Homemade suncatcher
28. SPECIAL – Most points in Sections 22-27 (1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2)

Doug Hollingsworth Special – Best Homemade Toy Grade 4 and under. Not from a kit
Prize $10, $5, $3, $2

Riverstone Special – Create a Self-portrait on a small pizza box

JK/SK or Grade 1&2
Prize 1st $10 gift card, 2nd $5 gift card

Munro Honey Special – Create your best Bee Themed Pumpkin
Sponsor to keep 1st and 2nd prize pumpkins
Grade 3&4 or Grade 5&6
Prize 1st $10 gift card, 2nd $5 gift card

OAAS Poster Competition

OAAS Poster Competition

“Ye Olde Country Fair”

All entries must be to east end of the arena on the Thursday evening of the Fair, between 6:30 pm and 8:00pm
Judging will start at 8:00 pm
Promotion of the Brooke-Alvinston Watford Fall Fair. Name and date of fair must be clearly shown on the poster.
Must be hand drawn
Poster size: minimum 8 ½” x 11” (22cmx28cm) without border. Maximum of 11” x 17” (28cmx44cm) without border.
Entry must be centered on a cardstock or Bristol board exposing a 2” border on all four sides.
Name of the fair, district number (13), contact person, owner of poster, and age of exhibitor to be clearly labeled on the back of the entry.
Winning poster will be eligible to enter the district competition. District winners are eligible to enter the provincial competition.
Limited to one entry.

OAAS Junior Poster Competition – Youth up to Grade 4
Prizes $10, $8, $6
OAAS Intermediate Poster Competition – Grade 5-8
Prizes $10, $8, $6
OAAS Senior Poster Competition – Grade 9-12
Prizes $10, $8, $6

Frog Jumping Competition

Frog Jumping Competition

Sponsored by: Alvinston Optimists

  1. Register at 12:45 pm at the tennis courts Saturday of fair.
  2. Open to children 12 and under. One entry per child.
  3. Frogs must be kept in containers except when competing and must not be released on or around the fairgrounds.
  4. Competition to be held in the tennis court. The committee in charge will admit, at one time, the judge, frog owner and 1 coach.
  5. Additional Rules and Regulations will be given Saturday, the day of the competition, following the parade.
  6. Two frogs jump at one time.
  7. Jump Off: From center to circumference line. Speed counts.

Prizes – $12, $10, $8, $6

Oreo Cookie Stacking Contest

Oreo Cookie Stacking Contest

Committee: Joe Triest, Lauren Dearing, Riley Dearing

Sponsored by: Alvinston Optimists

Register by 1:45 pm at skate park Saturday of the fair.
Children stack cookies for one minute, one at a time, the largest stack of cookies wins. If the stack falls over before one minute the number is counted then.
Contest open to boys and girls 10 and under.
Ages 4 – 6 Age 7 – 8 Age 9 – 10
1st $4, 2nd $3, 3rd $2 1st $4, 2nd $3, 3rd $2 1st $4, 2nd $3, 3rd $2

All participants will receive a ribbon. The decision of the judges is final.

Pumpking & Pumpqueen

“PumpKing” & “PumpQueen”

Committee: Carlie Cox
1. Pumpkin seeds were dispersed to the Jr. Kindergarten, Sr. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students by the BAAS last spring.
2. Pumpkins are to be exhibited before noon on Friday, the first day of the fair for judging. The boy and girl who each show the heaviest pumpkin produced from the seed supplied will win the titles “PumpKing” and “PumpQueen” Each will be awarded $5.00, a Crown and Cape on Friday night.
3. All other contestants will receive an orange ribbon and $2.00 which will be awarded on Friday when exhibited.
4. ALL pumpkins are to be picked up after 4 pm on SUNDAY.

PumpKing & PumpQueen Specials
$10.00 each
McCabe Memorial Trophy – Donated by the McCabe Family

Scarecrow Contest

Scarecrow Contest

In Memory Of: Jim & Mary Louise Hayter
Open to all ages.
To be in small area of auditorium before Thursday at 8:00pm to register your name and full mailing address with Julia Swan. Must be handmade, original, freestanding and easily movable by one (1) person.

1st – $40.00
2nd – $30.00
3rd – $20.00
All other entries receive $10.00

*Prizes will be paid at the Fair Office during the fair, after 4:00pm on Saturday*